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Flatwave started in 2016 with the goal of bringing design and product thinking into the consulting arena.

The ambition is a company where purposeful user focus is allowed to drive growth and development, both within the company as well as with customers. Instead of only allowing financial and organizational interests to direct the focus on products, services and personal development, the goal is to operate the business in a more user-centric way.

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To streamline value creation for users of digital products and services through a genuine interest in understanding people's problems and needs, in order to create profitable and sustainable businesses.


To be the market leader in helping companies build the right products, services and experiences by putting the user at the center.

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Johannes Aronsson badge
Johannes Aronsson
"I like to see myself as the ambassador of the users, on a mission to maximize their value of a product."
Martin Holeby Saint Cyr badge
Martin Holeby Saint Cyr
”Loves to understand users and sees design & technology as great tools to help people with their needs. Searches for outcome over output."
Alexis Määttä Vinkler badge
Alexis Määttä Vinkler
“On a mission to make sure every digital experience under development has an expected user outcome defined!”